The order of the Eastern Star is

a society designed for the wives, daughters, and female relatives of men affiliated with Masonry. Affiliated Master Masons who are in good standing may also join. According to the Order of the Eastern Star, they claim no association with Masonry. However, the causes and doctrines are extremely similar. Several beliefs similar to Masonry are:

Faith in god

Secrecy and oath

Character building to obtain salvation by works

A claim to obey the Bible, although salvation by faith in Jesus Christ is never stated as prerequisite of salvation.

Eastern Star was prepared by Dr, Rob Morris, who is considered to be the "Master Builder." He was a leading Mason and Masonic author. He was considered by many to be the most learned Mason of his day and he received his distinguished title of "Master Builder of the Order of the Eastern Star" in 1880.

The Eastern Star originated in order to "introduce the daughters, wives, and other relatives of Master Masons to a basic Masonic world view with the understanding that the Master Mason himself as head of the household will fill any remaining gaps. In other words, Masonic appendant organizations ensure that the personal environment of the Mason (mothers, wives, children, etc.) becomes a support and encouragement for his own involvement in Masonry."1

Is the Easter Star consistent with the teachings of the Bible? The short answer is, "No." Masonry believes that the Bible is only symbolic and not to be taken literally. Although they claim to reverence the Bible, it is sometimes placed on equal level with other so-called holy books, like the Koran. Further, upon study, you will find that many doctrines of the Eastern Star and Masons completely contradictory with the Bible, including universalism, salvation by works, Gnosticism, and occult practices.

Should a woman be involved?

Many women are involved in Eastern Star as a social activity - one where they can give back to the community and participate in worthwhile causes. However, women who are involved in Eastern Star should take the time to research the deceptive practices, pagan beliefs, spiritual intimidation, secrecy, and the denial of Christian truth taught by the institution. We urge you to click below and keep reading. As you study about Freemasonry, you will see the similarities between their doctrine and that of Eastern Star. We urge all  women to remove themselves from the deception of Eastern Star