I'm a Mason and

I believe   firmly in the power, wisdom, and goodness of the Almighty God.

I believe in my country, my fellow man, and myself.

I believe   we are here in our various roles for a purpose and not by chance.

I believe that Masonry has been in existence through the ages for a purpose and that it will remain a strong force for good as far into the future as man will go, and I have confidence in that future.

I believe that the teachings of Masonry parallel those found in the Great Book of Life so closely that no conflict between the two can exist.

I believe our ancient customs have proven their worth and value and are as sound today as ever before and will withstand the test of the future.

I believe Masonry can be as good as its members want it to be, and that we will all be better men and our fraternity, our country, and our world will be better for our having passed this way.

I believe we have the opportunity as Masons and as men of good will to move to new heights in every area of life as we study and act upon our high principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth


                                                                                         Jamal N. Saman

                        Sovereign Grand Commander & Sovereign Grand Inspector General at Large

                                      of the Supreme Legislative Council of Middle East Freemasons

                                            Grand Master of Grand Lodge Middle East Freemasons